A 5 day challenge to get you back in control of your career and life. 

To experience freedom, fulfillment and financial prosperity on a whole new level.

To generate choices. So you can fly if you want to. Not because you have to.

The Pilot Realignment Challenge

You'll get the confidence and courage to take on new challenges, like finally creating that business you've always talked about.

Get your confidence back

If you're a pilot facing redundancy or furlough...

The Pilot Realignment Challenge will kick start you into the right kind of action...

Stop going around in circles, applying for hundreds of jobs and wondering what your next move is.

Get back in Control

Create a new life that isn't tied to a roster, medicals, sim checks and missed birthday parties. Discover a world of new possibilites.

Discover new Opportunities

What other Pilots are saying...

If you are struggling with your current situation and not sure where to start, give the 5 day challenge a go. Nathan and Martin provide massive value utilising aviation jargon to jump start you in a positive direction. I not only gained great value from the two Cockpit Coaches but also learnt a lot from working with the other fellow aviators in the programme. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Keep the blue side up. 

Alex Hilbron

Former 787 Captain - Oman Airways

At 7am every morning, you'll get a new challenge delivered to your inbox. You'll need 1 - 2 hours per day to complete each challenge.

You'll connect with pilots from all over the world while sharing and supporting each other throughout the week.

Connect with Pilots Worldwide

A new challenge,   every day

World Class Support

Experience the power of having two, highly trained coaches supporting you through your individual situation.

Martin Stork

Martin is originally from Canada but lived most of his life in Europe. Martin spent almost two decades in the aviation industry as an airline- & corporate jet pilot.
Martin’s "zone of genius" as a coach derives from his own journey as an airline pilot, union representative, corporate happiness expert, ultra-runner and especially his experience of reconnecting with his father after 36 years. That was the moment when he realized what his coaching education was really about: to empower people to move past their self-imposed limitations & belief systems, especially reminding airline pilots how powerful they truly are, even outside the cockpit.

Get out of Single Pilot Mode and back in control

In just 5 days,  you can be back in action, taking control of getting your life back on track. We'll see you inside.

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Meet your Instructors

Nathan is from Christchurch, New Zealand and had a passion for aviation from a young age. He flew the Beech 1900, ATR72 and Boeing 737 for multiple airlines in New Zealand before taking up a contract position on the Boeing 767 in Tokyo, Japan. Nathan has always had entrepreneurial interests on the side and in 2015 started and grew a Personal Coaching business. In 2017, he left aviation to work full time in coaching entrepreneurs.

Nathan Seaward

Here's what to expect...

Next Departure Date: March 15th, 2021
*Limited to 25 seats
*Money-Back Guarantee: If you complete all daily challenges and you are not fully satisfied on the last day, we'll refund you.